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One day I just got fed up.

Fed up with brands reaching out to me asking to "collaborate" only to find that they wanted to steal my labor to advance their business.

And we're not just talking about small brands. Multibillion dollar businesses are engaging in this practice. And it's not OK.

Maybe it's greed. Perhaps ignorance.

Whatever the reason, the practice is unethical and disproportionately affects women and BIPOC.

So I decided to speak up. I began naming and tagging brands in my Instagram stories that had reached out to me asking me to work for toothpaste, donuts, tee shirts, etc.

Soon my DMs were flooded with creators experiencing the same.

Since that first day so many people have been empowered to say no, speak up for themselves, and collect the checks they've earned for the work they do.

Buzzfeed, HashtagPaid, Carusel and others have covered this advocacy work. And I hope more publications jump on board.

Because brands haven't stopped.

And until there is enough public pressure or legal ramifications for requesting this sort of unpaid labor, I will dedicate time to individually hold brands accountable and request change.

I host #ThievingThursdays in my stories (usually every Thursday) with more brands and more accountability.

The status of those conversations can be viewed below.

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