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Dr. Frank S. Greene, Jr. | Tech Innovator

In the relatively tech-light 1960s, when a push-button phone was considered cutting edge, Dr. Frank S. Greene, Jr. (1938-2009) was developing microchips. This prominent electrical engineer holds a patent for the integrated circuit and was responsible for the development of the fastest microchip of his era.

While living in the segregated section of St. Louis, Missouri, Frank attended Summer High School. Following graduation, he enrolled at Washington University, becoming one of the first Black people to do so. Frank completed his graduate studies at Purdue University before joining the United States Air Force. Following military service, Frank returned to school and earned his doctorate from Santa Clara University.

Frank’s studies focused primarily on technology, preparing him for his work with Fairchild Semiconductor International, Inc. After launching two software companies, Frank founded NewVista Capital, a purpose-built venture capital firm to support historically marginalized entrepreneurs in securing financing to support start-ups.

Philanthropic by nature, Frank was quoted in the Palo Alto Times as stating, “Success in life is not about ‘me,’ but about what you can do to help others.” Frank lived this sentiment, establishing the GO-Positive Foundation and a VRE (Vision, Relationships, and Education) Leadership model. Through these initiatives, Frank worked as a mentor to up-and-coming professionals, actively striving to shape the future into a better, brighter place.



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